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Note: Please do not compare our Swimming Pool with other brand, our pool come with electric pump whereas others are manual pump. The electric pump itself already cost RM30.

25 September 2010


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09 August 2010

Sunny Baby Cloth Diaper (Plain color) RM30

01 August 2010

Sunny Baby Cloth Diaper New design RM32

For bulk purchase kindly email me for discounted price, the more you buy the more cheaper you can get.

20 July 2010

Post Partum Tummy Binder *Bengkung* (Travel Size) RM70

Post Partum Tummy Binder *Bengkung* (Travel Size) RM70Our post partum tummy binder (modern bengkung) is an abdominal compression wrap designed to assist you in bringing your body back to its former beauty and proportion after child birth.
* It helps with minimizing swelling and adds abdominal support and comfort after C-Section or even normal birth.
* It can help a woman return to her normal activities and wardrobe sooner.
* It helps with minimizing stretch marks.
* It's light, cool and gentle on skin and not visible under clothing
* You can put it on by yourself - it has extra hook and eye strap to let the binder stay in place around your body, that you can buckle up the rest of the hook and eye conveniently.
* Hand wash recommended
* Made from imported materials
*S = 24" - 28"
*M = 28" - 32"
*L= 32" - 36"
*XL= 36" - 40"
*XXL= 40" - 44"
Size is determined by waist size.
Black and nude colour

Reena Firming Lingerie Set RM199.90

Reena Firming underbust corset bra is excellent for daily wear; it helps in firming and shaping after birth. It's designed to reduce the waistline and lift the busts! For nursing moms, the underbust corset will stay just below your bra, and hence you are still free to wear your nursing bra and continue to nurse or pump at work conveniently, without having to remove your corset.
Also we ensure that all the wires used in our corset bra are superbly flexible, can be folded and twisted easily, which creates a comfortable corset that will allow maximum freedom of movement and least amount of visibility under clothing.
It comes in beige and is made of high quality cotton nylon blend, sweat absorbent material for maximum comfort. Corsets should be selected 2 to 4 inches smaller than your natural waistline.
Size measurement:
M - 26 to 28
L - 28 to 30
XL - 30 to 32
Annabelle Girdle helps firming and shaping comfortably after birth, and helps preventing some 'unsightly jiggling' from the hip and bottom. You may obtain the optimum result when used together with our Annabelle Underbust Corset, as our girdle helps restore tummy firmness after giving birth. For overall shaping of tummy, hip and bottom regions - the wearer therefore often wishes to continue wearing the girdle later… It comes in beige and is made of high quality cotton nylon blend, sweat absorbent material for maximum comfort. When selecting a girdle, always chose the size closest to your actual natural waist measurement. If you are between sizes, make your selection based on your personal preference for fit. Do you like a lot of compression, or do you prefer a greater range of motion?

07 July 2010

Laughing Loonies Doggie RM50

Laughing Loonies Doggie.
Motion activated laughing and rolling doggie.
You may just shake your hand in front of this doggie, and it will roll and laugh.. very cute indeed!
Imported from US.Price: RM50

Bruin Hammer and screw learning set RM30

Brand: Bruin
Description: Hammer and screw learning set
For age 12 months and above.
Price: RM30
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